Go Nuts is excited to bring you two USA Cycling Regional Championship Downhill races to the Southeast!

Check out the rules:

1)  Must have USA Cycling annual license for points to count nationally. One day license included with registration.

2)  Must wear proper helmet and downhill gear.

3)  Each Go Nuts event will have two race courses (Pro / Cat 1 and Cat 2 / 3) Each category will race on their respective  course. Some sections of the course will be shared depending on the venue.

4) The top three finishers in each category will be recognized on the podium following each race. All podium finishers will  receive a medal / prizes (full podium) / pro purse.

5)  Racers will start at 30 second intervals with a short break between categories.

6) Pro/CAT 1 riders will start based on their USA Cycling ranking per their category. (Rankings will be posted prior to the race start time). All other categories will start by designated time slots.

7)  Go Nuts Biking uses the Sportident timing for all downhill and enduro events (same system used for Enduro World Series).

8) If you do not return your timing bracelet, you will incur a replacement charge. $100

9) All protest must be filed within 20 minutes of the last competitor completing the final run.

10) If you encounter an injured/downed rider, please stop and check on them. If a rider is seriously injured or unconscious, let officials know immediately or call 911.