Go Nuts Biking is excited to introduce Dual Slalom races in 2020. We have 2 lined up at Chewacla State Park. Because this is a new venture, these will be considered "just for fun" events. However, all points will count for annual USA Cycling license holders. Medals will be awarded to podium winners at each race.


Considered another “gravity” event, dual slalom features two riders competing head-to-head against each other. Like the slalom events in downhill ski racing, competitors must weave themselves in and out of gates while descending the face of a hill. A course will typically have two identical runs – red and blue – with the same features, including berms, rollers, and doubles. After the first heat, riders switch runs and descend the hill a second time. After each rider competes on the red and blue course, his or her times are added together and the rider with the lowest cumulative time advances to the next round, while the other is eliminated.

These are dual slalom guidelines; there are other options for conducting a dual slalom per USA Cycling guidelines:
(a) Everyone will have at least one run for qualifying. (b) The fastest qualifier will be seeded against the slowest, the next fastest with the next slowest. (c) Racers will race head-to-head on each course. The rider with the faster combined time will advance to the next heat. (d) The rider’s bicycle must be stationary and contacting the gate (if used) at the moment of the start. Failure to comply will be considered a false start. (e) Alternating left and right, racers must ride around (not over) each gate, with both tire tracks passing on the outside of the gate. Gate judges located along the course, whose decision is final, determine this. (f) After the qualification runs, in the final heats, a rider may lose by no more than 1.5 seconds. This maximum differential applies to slow runs or penalties resulting from jump-starts, missed gates or other infractions. A rider who does not finish the run will be eliminated. (g) Ties in split times can be broken in the following ways: If overall times are recorded, the tie is broken by comparing the overall times on the course that both riders completed. If only split times are recorded the winner of the last run is the overall winner. 5E3. 4X These are 4X guidelines; there are other options for conducting a 4X competition. (a) Riders will have one qualifying run to advance to the final bracket. Ties on time will require a second run among the tied riders. (b) Start Procedure (i) All riders will be required to start at the same point, as designated by the Starter. The rider’s bicycle must be stationary and contacting the gate (if used) at the moment of the start. Failure to comply will be considered a false start. (ii) The riders in each group may choose their starting position in order of their qualifying times. The fastest rider gets the first choice of lane. (iii) Once the Starter begins the cadence, the race is considered underway and the cadence may not be discontinued. (iv) If two riders fall before the apex of the first obstacle, the heat will be restarted. (c) The lead rider may take any line available on the track. This also relates to any rider ahead of any other rider. Intentionally moving to initiate malicious contact with another rider or force a rider off the track is prohibited. (d) During the course of a race, should a rider leave the track as a direct result of contact with another rider, that rider must re-enter the track at the closest place to the exit point that is safe to all riders. The exited riders shall not advance position or miss any gates. A rider re-entering the track in an improved position may delay him/herself to the last position and then continue racing from there and pass through any missed gates. (e) Should a rider leave the track purely on his own accord that rider must make sure no obstacles or gates have been missed before returning to  the track safely. (Hay bales, cones, chalk lines or other markers signifying the inside turn are also considered obstacles. These markers on a straightaway including the finish area are not obstacles but only guidelines.) (f) The riders are required to pass through each gate without straddling it, the wheels of the bicycle must follow a path within the course. (g) Competition protests regarding qualifying runs must be initiated immediately after the run to the designated official. Once the next round is seeded, no further protests will be accepted. (h) The fastest qualifier will be seeded against the slowest and bracketed accordingly. (k) The Chief Referee may alter the starting grids when necessary to arrive at heats with approximately equal numbers of participants in each one. (l) Riders will race head to head with the first two riders from each heat advancing to the next round.




Welcome to Go Nuts Racing! Our goal is to offer fun, competitive races and have a good time doing it! We are a USA Cycling Regional Championship Series featuring XC, Enduro and Dual Slalom races. We also offer trail runs! 

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