Go Nuts Regionals (GNR) eMTB Rules as follows: 


1) Maximum 750watts - assistance up to 20 miles per hour - Pedaling assistance only. No hand or foot throttle allowed. Automatic disqualification. Bicycles must remain locked, i.e., no modification of wheel sensor from factory circumference or any other modification to manipulate the factory set speed of the bike. 


2) Throttle mechanisms are prohibited.

3) Studded tires are prohibited.

4) It is forbidden to change e-bike during the event even if the rider finishes the event with the same race plate.

5) It is forbidden to recharge the e-bike or battery in the technical zone during the GNR event.

6) Technical assistance consists of the replacement or repairs of any part of the e-bike at the exception of the frame, wheels or battery.


7) Riders age categories are 18 and under, 19-39, 40-49 and 50 plus for Classes; Amateurs, Experts and Open Pro.  


9) Riders can only use the battery in place on their bike and cannot carry or switch out an additional battery during the competition. 


10) eMTB is not a USA Cycling category as of now,  so points are not awarded nationally. USAC license is not required.


11) Race course length will be 4.5 - 7 miles depending on difficulty. Steeper climbs and more technical than normal XC will be tested on some courses. Each category will start an hour apart and should be completed within their hour. 


12) Races will be conducted regardless of weather conditions.  In the event of rain or other unfavorable conditions, it may be necessary to alter the order of the event schedule, including but not limited to, adjusting the length of the race or delaying or stopping the program completely.  Should a delay occur, every effort will be made to resume the schedule in a timely fashion if conditions significantly improve.


13) No headphones, earphones or sound devices permitted. Horns and bells are permitted.


14) Riders are required to wear the appropriate helmet. Other protective gear is optional; gloves, goggles, elbow/knee guards, etc.


15) Shirt, shoes, and pants/shorts required. Clipless or flat pedals are both permitted.

An E-Mountain Bike is a bike operated with two energy sources, human pedal power and an electric engine, which only provides assistance when the rider is pedaling.

16) The course will the taped and marked. Any rider cutting the course will be disqualified.

17) Any behavior deemed inappropriate or unsportsmanlike like conduct will not be tolerated. Verbal or physical infractions will result in a disqualification.