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Hold on to your nuts, it's gonna be a bumpy ride!! Go Nuts is excited to bring you a full series of USA Cycling Regional Championship Enduro races to the Southeast! We have some awesome courses lined up for 2023 and its time to GO NUTS!

Each race will feature 4 to 5 downhill lines that will be clearly marked. We use 2 different color tapes to mark the transition portion and the actual timed portion. 

Check out the rules:

  1. Must complete 5 enduro races to qualify for series championship.

  2.  Must race final race (Regional Championship) to qualify for series win.

  3. 1st Place series winners will receive championship jersey at the end of the year.

  4.  Must wear proper helmet and enduro gear. 

  5. You can move up in a Category, but never down. Points do not transfer from category to category.

  6.  No alcohol consumption during the race please.

  7. You must complete the course lines in the correct number sequence.

  8. Please wait your turn at staging areas - 30-45 seconds between each rider. 

  9. You must use the same bike throughout the race. All mechanical issues must be corrected by the rider or onsite tech support when available.

  10.  Some races will have Go Nuts Biking shuttle service, some will not. 

  11.  The race will conclude at the designated time, any runs after will not count.

  12.  If you do not return your timing bracelet you will incur the charge to replace. $100.

  13.  Please use proper trail etiquette during course runs and transfer stages.

  14.  All protest must be filed within 20 minutes of the last competitor completing the final race stage of the day. 

  15.  If you encounter an injured/downed rider, please stop and check on them. If a rider is seriously injured or unconscious, let officials know immediately or call 911. 

  16.  Points will be awarded as follows:

Enduro Team Competition- Co-branded Championship jerseys with Go Nuts and your team logo.

A team will consist of 5 to 10 riders across one or more categories.  Each team member must complete 5 or more races for points to fully count. 


1st - 5 points

2nd - 4 points

3rd - 3 points

4th - 2 points

5th - 1 point

6th plus - 1 point


Any team member placing 6 or higher receives one point. For the calculation of overall series points, each team will add their scores from all rounds of the series.

Team rosters must be submitted in advance of the race date or the team begins competition. No substitutions allowed.


Team members cannot share, exchange or replace bikes during a race. Must start and finish on the same bike.           


Each team member must wear matching jerseys/shirts.

The first place Enduro team wins co-branded Championship jerseys with Go Nuts and your team logo.

In the event of a tie, the overall combined scores of the last race the tied teams participated in, will be used to determine

the winners.

All team members who compete in the Regional Championship on November 26, 2023 race will receive double points towards team series win.

New Go Nuts USAC  Regional Championship Enduro Race!

Qualifications: The 2022 winners ranking 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th will be eligible to compete for the Go Nuts Enduro Championship 2023 title. 


The race is open to ALL.  2023 participants with 5 races leading up to the Regional Championship ranking 1-5 will be eligible to compete for regional title.

Go Nuts Regionals (GNR) eMTB Rules as follows: 


1) Maximum 750watts - assistance up to 20 miles per hour - Pedaling assistance only. No hand or foot throttle allowed. Automatic disqualification. Bicycles must remain locked, i.e., no modification of wheel sensor from factory circumference or any other modification to manipulate the factory set speed of the bike.

2) Throttle mechanisms are prohibited.

3) Studded tires are prohibited.

4) It is forbidden to change e-bike during the event even if the rider finishes the event with the same race plate.

5) Technical assistance consists of the replacement or repairs of any part of the e-bike at the exception of the frame, wheels or battery.

6) eMTB is not a USA Cycling category as of now,  so points are not awarded nationally. USAC license is not required.

7) Races will be conducted regardless of weather conditions.  In the event of rain or other unfavorable conditions, it may be necessary to alter the order of the event schedule, including but not limited to, adjusting the length of the race or delaying or stopping the program completely.  Should a delay occur, every effort will be made to resume the schedule in a timely fashion if conditions significantly improve.

8) No headphones, earphones or sound devices permitted. Horns and bells are permitted.

9) Riders are required to wear the appropriate helmet. Other protective gear is optional; gloves, goggles, elbow/knee guards, etc.

10) Shirt, shoes, and pants/shorts required. Clipless or flat pedals are both permitted.

An E-Mountain Bike is a bike operated with two energy sources, human pedal power and an electric engine, which only provides assistance when the rider is pedaling.

11) Any behavior deemed inappropriate or unsportsmanlike like conduct will not be tolerated. Verbal or physical infractions will result in a disqualification. 

Enduro Racing defined by USA Cycling:

The newest form of mountain biking, enduro is like multiple Super D runs, linking technical downhill trails with flat and uphill sections typically found at a cross-country race. Races have more than one stage, and oftentimes riders must climb fireroads or trails to reach later stages. In enduro events, only the downhill sections are timed. A rider's stage times added together to create an overall time. Competitors typically choose bikes that allow for the bike-handling capabilities required of a downhill racer, but also don't prohibit sustained climbing. (a) Mountain Bike Enduros are extended timed descents or multiple timed descents in charge to replace.

single or multiple stages over one or more days.  (b) When multiple timed descents are used in a given day, the timed sections will be connected by transition sections that are not timed. Riders can ride, shuttle, or take a chair lift to the start of the next section as determined by the Race Director and described in the technical manual for the event.  (c) While transition sections are not timed, penalties will be assessed if riders miss their start times at the beginning of the next timed section.  (d) A technical manual should be produced that defines how the event will be scored, either by time or omnium. All stages must be completed to be eligible for a placing.  



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