Welcome to Go Nuts Racing! Our goal is to offer fun, competitive races and have a good time doing it! We will offer 11 exciting trail run races this year at venue throughout the Southeast.


1. Must complete 6 races out of 11 to qualify for series championship. The more races you run the more points you accumulate.

2. Race age will be calculated based on your age on 12/31/2021.

2. Participants receive 3 points for finishing, plus an additional 1 point for winning their age group.

3. Overall winners receive 2 additional points. Therefore, someone who takes part and wins their age group would receive 4 points; the overall race winner would receive 6 points all other competitors receive 3 points.

4. We offer 5K, 10K and 25K races. Points will not cross over if you run different distances race to race.


5. At the end of the series we will publish overall results and age group winners (M/F) for each age group as defined above.

6. At the conclusion of the series, an overall tie will be resolved by: The fastest overall time if the last race each competitor participated in together.